RAYGUN RETRO: A Science Fiction Anthology is now open for submissions. We're seeking science fiction stories 2000-6000 words in the style of 50s and 60s classic science fiction. Send us your best stories reminiscent of Heinlein, Asimov, Clarke, Dick, Bradbury, and Vonnegut. Tell today's stories through the lens of yesteryear.

One submission per author.

Submissions close 1st Feb, 2020. Pays accepted stories $10 and an ebook copy.

Send your stories to

No simultaneous submissions or reprints.

Full submissions guidelines here.


The FULL METAL HORROR Anthology Series is currently closed for submissions.



We are also seeking previously unpublished novellas 30,000-45,000 words long on any topic or genre.  We are currently specifically seeking crime or thriller novellas, but all genres and themes are welcome.

Full submissions guidelines here.


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